GERMANY SONNENSCHEIN ELECTRONICS LIMITED. is the general agent of Toshiba Battery in China.
Main sales:
Toshiba ER Series Batteries: ER3V, ER4V, ER6V, ER17330V, ER17500V.
SCIB series battery: lithium titanate 2V battery and lithium titanate battery module.
High temperature 125 degree battery series: ER3VH, ER4VH, ER6VH, ER17335VH, ER17505VH.


  The company is also an authorized agent for Maxell, Sonnecell and SAFT batteries.
  Japanese Maxell brand full series batteries: ER3, ER6, ER6C, ER17/50, ER17/33, CR, SR, ML, etc.
  German Sonnecell brand full range of batteries: SL-350, SL-360, SL-361, SL-750, SL-761, SL-760, SL-2770, SL-2780, SL-2790, SL-889, SL-886 and so on.
  SAFT brand batteries: LS14250, LS14500, LS33600, LS26500, LSH20, LSH14, etc.

  Over the years, the company has been cooperating with major battery manufacturers in the world, specializing in providing a variety of original imported (button, cylindrical) lithium battery products: 3V, 6V lithium manganese dioxide battery, 3.6V lithium argon sulfonyl chloride battery, 3.6V lithium ion rechargeable battery. The product application area covers communication, automobile, petroleum, chemical industry, transportation, machinery, electronics, electrical, instrument, instrumentation, security, household appliances and other industries.
  Most of the imported batteries are mainly used in various domestic and foreign brands of PLC, CNC, CPU, motherboard, various CNC machine tool systems, industrial remote controllers and meters.

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